Polyroof Protec

A single-resin polyester roofing system with BBA, FM and UL approval. Suitable for new build and refurbishments, Protec is ideal for balconies/walkways when used with Polyfinish. The system can be applied direct to approved insulation boards for rapid, economic and environmentally friendly thermal upgrades. Guarantees available for up to 20 years.


Polyroof 185

An extremely tough and durable polyester GRP roofing system that is cold applied to an exterior grade plywood deck. Available with an insurance backed 20 year guarantee and carrying a BBA durability rating of 30 years, Polyroof 185 is suitable for new build or refurbishment projects and can also replicate the look of lead and copper at a fraction of the cost.


Polyroof Elastex

Elastex is a highly flexible and versatile polyurethane system that is ideal for larger roof refurbishment projects. Able to achieve excellent adhesion to metals, Elastex is ideal for coating all metal surfaces and gutters. Available with guarantees for 10 to 25 years and carries BBA approval.


Polyroof Roofcoat Plus

A flexible, acrylic/polyurethane based overlay system ideally suited to the waterproofing of low pitched roofs. Applicable to plastisol sheets, asbestos and composite metals. Guaranteed for up to 10 years.



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